Project title
John Wallis

This is an AHRC-funded project investigating the non-mathematical works of the polymath John Wallis (1616-1703) and producing critical editions of his tracts on grammar, on logic and on music theory.

InfinityWallis and Language

The Grammatica Linguae Anglicanae, which was published in 1653, was one of Wallis’s earlier works. It was also a text he continually returned to in the course of his career. ... more

InfinityWallis and Logic

John Wallis’s Institutio Logicae was first published in Latin in 1687 but its origins lay in an unpublished Treatise of Logick, which had been composed as early as the 1650s... more

Infinity Wallis and Music

John Wallis’s interest in music theory led him to produce translations into Latin of three ancient Greek texts... more